Our vision

In order to become the fully fully comprehensive smart liquidity DeFi hub, that enables the most frictionless DeFi experience for traders and liquidity providers, we are aiming to roll out the following two building blocks:

CEX-like PERP DEX functions

We think that the DeFi future is perpetual. To achieve this, we are working to implement perpetual functionalities and a user-friendly, centralized exchange-like experience. Our smart liquidity routing pools will provide the liquidity for traders to execute swaps, open long or short positions and leverage trades.

Cross-chain: Solana VM & Cosmos

Our second hypothesis is that only cross-chain protocols will survive in the long term, given the increasing demand for seamless asset exchange between different networks. In order to become cross-chain compatible, we are deploying on Nitro, which is a Layer 2 protocol based on the Sei network. Nitro offers two key advantages, as it's Solana VM compatible and interoperable with all Cosmos IBC assets (9.9 billion USD market capitalization). By using the Sei network or other trustless bridgeable networks, we will be able to implement the Sei high-performance decentralized order book to boost our liquidity.