General information

$SAX is our primary utility token. For locking $SAX tokens or liquidity within our smart liquidity routing pools, users receive veSAX (ve = vested escrow), which enables APY multipliers, governance functions, and discounts.


$SAX & veSAX token utilities

How to get veSAX tokens

There are two ways to convert $SAX tokens or any other smart liquidity routing asset to veSAX tokens. Users can either stake their $SAX tokens for 1 between 30 months and will receive the same amount of veSAX or they provide liquidity within one of our smart liquidity routing pools between 1 and 30 months and receive the locked value at the moment of the lockup worth of veSAX.

The veSAX APY multiplier

Depending on the source of veSAX, there will be either a $SAX staking APY multiplier or a smart liquidity APY multiplier applied. The formula for the multiplier is the following:
multiplier = 1.05 ˣ, whereas x is the amount of locked months.
Through implementing these veSAX tokenomics, we ensure to incentivize users to lock their tokens and take them out of the available supply. Thus, we reduce the $SAX sell-pressure on a long-term scale and also stabilize the liquidity supply of our smart liquidity routing pools as users are incentivized to provide liquidity on a long-term basis.

Token sale roadmap

If you want to participate in our private sale, please reach out to us: [email protected]